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Established in Melbourne in 2015 Vantage Drones was the vision of Ricardo (Managing Director) and Jason (Chief Controller). The vision was to be the conduit to introduce the latest innovative drone technology into the building, ecological and research science sectors. Having both worked in the ecological, construction and research sectors for over a decade Vantage Drones was spawned from an deep understanding of the industry combined with a love and passion for aviation and technology.

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CASA Certified UOC. 0799

San Martin.

Founder – Managing Director

Ricardo has always been driven by a passion for emerging technology and exploring how they can be best applied as solutions for real world problems. With well over a decade of experience in driving and developing solutions and managing all areas of OHS for research/education within Australia’s leading Universities, Ricardo always maintains a close eye on sector trends and identifies gaps and niches that represent new operational opportunities. View more: www.linkedin.com/in/ricardosanmartin


Founder – Operations/ Chief Controller

Jason has a strong passion for technology and aviation. With many years of flying multirotor aircraft as a hobby, Jason identified the commercial potential and partnered up with Ricardo San Martin to start-up Vantage Drones. He is also the Managing Director of a Design and IT company that has been providing services to clients based in Melbourne and overseas for a number of years. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonisaks/